1. Fayaad Kumandan

    Decided to try out Truffle for sunday lunch last weekend. What followed was the worst dining experience of my entire life. Firstly the aircon was not working. The service is absolutely pathetic. Waited atleast an hour for starters alone. Had to fetch the drinks from the kitchen ourselves as this was the only way of getting any service. Waited approximately 2 hours for mains of which half the sides were mixed up. Two of the steaks had to be sent back not once but twice! Steak ordered medium rare comes back well done twice!! Cant comment on the taste as I cancelled my order after sending it back the second time. When asked for the manager the response was to write my name and number on a piece of paper and he would contact me. Its been a week and no response. Overall worst dining experience ever. Will never ever eat there again.

  2. Kat

    Also had a horrible dining experience at Truffle and trust me, they did not attempt to contact me even after I sent through an email. Hostess is rude and condescending and the fish was not fresh. Had a pungent smell and was slimy.

  3. Odwa

    we made bookings yesterday and when we arrived there at 6 we were asked to choose a table we like. we ordered the stater then. main meal and it was good, while. waiting. for the desert around 7 an Asian woman came along and told us there is a client waiting outside so she is giving us 10 minutes to leave the place cause she wants the table we are using. then had to stop the order and leave the place. we feel discriminated and dessapointed at the same time

    • Hi Odwa
      Thanks for your comment. That is terrible and I would be equally offended. Hopefully they will contact you and attempt to remedy the situation. Please let us know if they do. We have contacted them regarding the bad reviews and they assured us that they will address the issues.

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