1. Holy Moly! I am a nervous flier and the last one would have given me a heart attack! I think in those situations, less information is better. I never want a pilot to tell me how lucky I am when we are still in the air! Tell me when I am on the ground and have some kind of alcoholic beverage in my hand!

    • SuitcasesandLattes

      Now that you mention it Jacqueline, what you say is so true! I think after the adrenaline rush we were just all so happy and relieved that he could have said anything on earth and we would have clapped. I’m not really a nervous flyer but the incident left me far more apprehensive. A friend of mine is extremely nervous when flying and said these tablets called Relicalm (http://www.pharmashop24.co.za/product/relicalm) helped her. Maybe give it a try next time (and try to forget everything you read here!). – Rif

  2. Great article.
    I find top ten lists spectacularly dull, written by astonishingly dimwitted writers.
    Your writing style really is a hoot to read!

    So I have been ‘privileged’ enough to experience all of the above (except for the last one, well, not entirely).

    Flying from Manila to Bangkok, yet arriving in Kuala Lumpur was one of my less enjoyable experiences. Apart from missing my next flight I had loads of trouble in Malaysia – passport wise and even more trouble from my, then girlfriend, after arriving back home quite a few days late.

    There exists, of course, an easy solution to most of the ten things mentioned here and that is to be number 6 yourself. It unfortunately is not very ideal for turbulence and may result in arriving at Kuala Lumpur Int airport instead of Bangkok!

    Safe travels!

    • SuitcasesandLattes

      Thanks so much for the feedback!! You are so right, sometimes I just read the headings of top 10 lists and not the actual content. I guess I’m not the only one!

      I’m lucky enough to not have experienced passport/ visa issues (touch wood!). I find airports stressful so I would find it terrifying – especially when not in an English speaking country. What was the issue? Did they just pull you out of the line randomly? Did they refund you for the missed flight?

      Number 6 – now that is funny! Give it a go and let us know if you land up where you meant to be. Oddly enough, Number 6 said he was the SA ambassador for a far east country.

      Let us know if you have a blog. We could all do with a laugh and you sound pretty funny.

      – Rif

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