1. I booked the accommodation on the 26 October for a 1 night stay from the 18 December till the 19 December at the Arabella Hotel and Spa for my wife’s birthday. I also booked a spa treatment, Hot Stone massage for 2 people 2 weeks in advance for the 18 December at 5pm. After we had checked in on the 18 December, I received a call from the Spa at about 3pm to let me know that they would have to cancel my appointment, as the therapist could not make 1 of the treatments. I then asked them to accommodate me maybe the following day. They first said that they were fully booked and would need to get back to me. They called again and said they could make it for 3pm the following day on the 19 December, even though i had to checkout that day. I then got a call few minutes later to say that unfortunately that time slot is not available anymore as someone already made a booking in the time that we were speaking on the phone. So they made it for 5pm the following day on the 19 December. I then arranged for us to stay there till 5pm for the treatments at 5pm.

    That same night while trying to sleep my wife and I experienced noises coming from the room above us. We called reception and asked them to have a look. After sending a staff member there they told us there were no issues there and that they would send a staff member to our room to experience the noises.30 minutes had gone by and we had to call the reception again. They then sent a staff member with a key card to say we can move to room 210. We moved to the room that night at around 11pm. The room was not even cleaned properly, the sliding door leading from the bathtub to the room was broken. The room was not equipped with all the essential toiletries at all. So we decided to move back to our room 421 after having been there for 30 minutes or so.

    On the 19 December at around 4pm while waiting in the spa area using the facilities, I was told that they would have to cancel the treatment yet again as the therapist had left. You can understand my frustration with regards to having my appointment be cancelled 3 times. The day manager at the time said that he would give us a R1500 spa voucher and a free 1 night stay. He said they have my details on the system and they would contact me. I still have not received any word with regards to this. The person that helped us check in, his name was Junade.

    All I have to say is that Arabella Spa and Hotel is not a 5 start hotel as this is pathetic service. I have spent a lot of money to make my wife’s birthday special and this is what we got in return.

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