1. Shameemah

    Shukran very much this information is truly appreciated.
    As we are strictly Halaal and do not eat at places that serves alcohol. This information reconfirms how much wonderful Halaal eateries there are in our surrounds Alghamdoelilaah

    • SuitcasesandLattes

      Thanks, we hope to do a post on Takeaways soon. Please subscribe so that you don’t miss it.

    • SuitcasesandLattes

      Sounds great! Can’t wait to try it. I’ve never been a lover of middle-Eastern cuisine. Do you have any menu suggestions?

      • I had the mixed kebab platter, it comes with a wrap like bread and manoushe which is an eggplant paste that is amazing. Also had the lentils and rice in grape leaves, it’s called something vines, can’t remember the name. It was good but very middle eastern it’s a cold dish, one of their starters. My friend had the chicken stuffed with cheese and salami which was also good but not a middle eastern dish.

        • SuitcasesandLattes

          Thanks so much. Think I’ll be adventurous when I go and not order a shwarma. Btw, the products on your site look really interesting. Definitely need to give them a try!

  2. Fazil Patel

    You’ve forgotten the Mezbaan Restaurant at the Hilton Hotel on Wale and Buitengracht Streets in the Bo-Kaap

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