1. OMG, that sounds horrible! I can’t say I’ve had an experience worse than yours, but I do recall a lady giving me a VERY PAINFUL head massage once, which wasn’t part of the package.
    Camelot Spa needs to refund you…!

  2. Aaliyah

    I beg you to try Smoothe Beauty on Eden on the bay, it’s a salon but trust me, you will have the best massage ever with Elrize. Trust me on this! Their number 0215549638

  3. Tasquia Shaik

    I’ve had a terrible experience at the exact same spa. From the time we called for booking we were treated horribly. The whole experience left me feeling as though we were an inconvenience to the spa employees and we left feeling as though we needed to apologize for even being there. We took it up with the manager and she did respond, but I would have thought that they would have done something about it by now!

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