1. Ayesha

    Thanks! Been searching for accommodation options there all morning, this is a great help.

    Any suggestions as to what I simply MUST add to my Amsterdam itinerary/bucket list?

    • SuitcasesandLattes

      Hi Ayesha! Thanks for liking our blogposts and we glad it was a help! Amsterdam is amazing and just walking around the city is absolutely stunning. A definite MUST is obviously going to the “amsterdam” sign, The Anne Frank museum ( go early), the Van Gogh Museum ( if you into art), a trip on the canal is very informative and stunning, walk through the red light district at night, enjoy a few coffee shops. I did go to a few parties there, not too sure if you into that. But if you are, there parties are amazing! Also, you can walk anywhere really. But buying the IAMSTERDAM card is a major plus if you there for a few days as these give you 3 days passes on the Trams which is easy to use and lovely when getting to the know the city. If you brave renting a bicycle and just cycling around is amazing too! If you not keen on an airbnb , try looking into a hotel called “HOTEL THE EXCHANGE” its right on Damrak road , very central and close to the train station. inbox us if you need any more advice! Happy travelling! XOXO S&L

  2. Ayesha

    So I just contacted one of the options featured on airbnb, its almost ridiculous how cheap it is.

    Also, we are definitely getting our IAMSTERDAM cards… which includes free entrance to many of the museums you mentioned AND a 1 hour Canal Cruise!

    I don’t think we going to sleep much in those three days 😉

    THANKS A TON!!!!!!!!!

    Awesome blog!

  3. Farzana larney

    Loved reading your posts.i totally agree with you as well.Airbnb is absolutely great.recently did a trip to Bali and booked an amazing villa for a good price…

    • SuitcasesandLattes

      Thanks for your comment. Bali must have been amazing. Great that you got good value for money. Definitely want to do Bali sometime. Maybe you can give us some pointers when we do 🙂

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