• SuitcasesandLattes

      Hi Dilshad! It was incredible. Cant wait to go next year again. Its not actually sad watching it burn down, its just amazing!

  1. I’ve always heard about it seen a few pics, but could not comprehend it. Your blog put it very nicely and I now understand that’s its not just wake up and go to the burn type of thing, thanks for the great blog

    • SuitcasesandLattes

      Hi Gilbert, thanks for the comment. Yes, the burn is quite a thought out and planned event – you can just pack a bag and go but you might find yourself trying to find shelter, food and water! Im glad that our blog has explained things better! But you should definitely go. Its totally worth it!

    • SuitcasesandLattes

      Thanks! So awesome that you read our blog! we hope you find it helpful. Please share our post 🙂 Burn baby Burn!

  2. […] It seems like not so long ago that I celebrated the new year. What seems even longer ago, was my first time experiencing Afrikaburn (“The Burn”). Oh how time flies! Writing this post , reminds me of the amazing experience I had. When I received an email to promote a fundraiser for the Burn, I was more than happy to help. Read about my experience at “The Burn” here. […]

  3. Matt

    hi! great article.. quick question. Did you bring a portable shower? @ Burning man you are not allowed to spill water on the playa but something tells me its OK to do so at Afrikaburn? Can you explain a bit please 😀 I am going next year! Thx!

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