1. I went as a child and haven’t been back since, refusing to leave home at 2am to get a spot. I would love to go back, in my memories it is beautiful. Thanks for the post.

  2. "Abdul-"Aliym

    The 2AM morning MISSION… Does this happen ALL YEAR ROUND, or just certain times of the year, and if so, when…?

    • SuitcasesandLattes

      Hi Abdul! We weren’t there last year but generally we would go on christmas or boxing day. I imagine other days are not as bad. I hope they’ve changed the system since then as it’s ridiculous.

      Keep in mind that is only if you want to do the daytrip. If you want to book a camping spot you probably have to do it some weeks or months in advance.

      If you go, let us know what you experienced!

      – Rif

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