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    Amazing that everything about your stay in Kimberley is negative… Maybe the problem lies with you and not the guesthouses. Especially if all the mentioned guesthouses are always fully booked

    • My aim is to give an honest view of the places I’ve stayed in. Here is a post on some accommodation I enjoyed in Kimberley: http://suitcasesandlattes.com/2014/02/17/surviving-kimberley-part-1-protea-hotel-victorian-guest-lodge/

      It is not cheap to stay in Kimberley and I think that due to the fact that people will always have transit stays there (stop-overs driving between CT & JHB), guesthouses take advantage of this. These places are not fully booked because they are nice – they are fully booked because people will tolerate almost anything during a transit stay. I was not in transit and needed decent accommodation which was hard to come by in Kimberley. I will be doing a post on my wonderful stay at Carter’s Rest Guest House so be sure to keep an eye out for that. – Rif

  2. […] Finding nice accommodation in Kimberley can also be a pain. There are few hotels and tons of guesthouses since Kimberley is the preferred stop for those driving between Cape Town and Joburg. And better watch if there is some sort of event going on – all the accommodation can (and does) get booked out! Check out my posts on Carters Rest, Dankie Pa, Argos, Forumla 1 and Belgravia BnB. […]

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