Suitcases and Lattes is not a travel blog.

None of us are what you would call “seasoned”. We weren’t bitten by the travel bug at 16, proceeding to backpack across Europe, Southeast Asia and South America before pursuing our studies. It’s not a lifestyle blog either. We aren’t what you would call hip – spending every possible free moment at the hottest nightspots, spas and restaurants. No, our daily lives are mostly comprised of our demanding day jobs, our studies, our homes and our families. Ho-hum.

Truth be told, we’re pretty ordinary people from Cape Town, South Africa and like you, we’ve had some extraordinary experiences – experiences worth sharing. This is our attempt, perhaps in vain, to be a little bit more creative than we would have otherwise been, to share and to learn and to squeeze a little bit more out of life.

We like to think that’s what special about S&L is not what makes it different, but what makes it familiar.

We’re 3 women who rarely rub shoulders with the upper crust, who have very little “connections” per se and are just looking for the soft landing at the end of the daily grind. We make do with the natural experiences we have and this is the rant, the gush and the ever-popular dish in dedication.

We’re #ordinary. With that little bit extra.

If you have a story to tell, we would love to hear about it! We welcome guest writers- no writing experience needed, just relevant content. Just drop us an email. We would love to work with you.

For brands wanting to partner with us- drop us a line.

Email: suitcasesandlattes@gmail.com

Meet the Team

Rifqah: The Working Traveler


Rifqah is an epidemiologist (studies patterns, causes and effects of health and disease)  and a researcher/scientist by profession. When she’s lucky, she gets to travel all over the country (even strange little towns) for work. She’s been in every province in SA in the past 3 years. If you need information on local travel- she is your go- to person. She’s also recently discovered her lost brethren, the #fitfam.

Imaan: The Luxury Budget Traveler


Imaan is a dentist and an eternal nerd (she just started her Masters in Public Health). She’s not a fancy Camps Bay dentist, but a Mitchell’s Plain Dentist. No one can count cents like her! She enjoys experiencing the best of life at the lowest cost (yep, she can be cheap). She is as passionate about planning holidays as going on them. She loves “cultural experiences” more than shopping sprees. If you want to know how to travel in style on a budget- she’s your girl.

Jihan: The Thrill – Seeker

Jihan 5923

Jihan is a chartered accountant that breaks every stereotype. She’s a ridiculously intelligent blonde and a C.A that loves taking risks! She loves adventure traveling as well as luxury. Bungee jumping, paragliding, shark-cage diving, she’s done it. If she hasn’t done it, she is most likely willing to try it, as long as it doesn’t spoil her manicure! Jihan has recently relocated to New Orleans, USA.

List of countries we have visited collectively: Argentina; Brazil; England; Wales; Malawi; Panama; France; India; South Korea; Uganda; Dubai; Doha; Abu Dhabi; Thailand; Cambodia; Malaysia; Croatia; Spain; Prague; Amsterdam; Netherlands; Germany; Turkey;  Namibia;  Mauritius; North America; Philippines.

 South Africa!

Please stick around as our list grows.

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  1. SuitcasesandLattes

    Thanks Mpho! Please feel free to contribute. We would love to hear about your adventures and ofcourse give your blog credit!

    • SuitcasesandLattes

      By the looks of it, you could definitely teach us a thing or two about Cape Town! I haven’t been to Harbour House in eons. Such a pretty place 🙂 – Rif

  2. Hi, thanks for stopping my blog and liking my post…I must confess that being a proud Capetonian by choice with a incurable passion for travel too I immediately fell in love with your blog and I had to follow your blog…and I am sticking around here for a LONG time…thank you for the beautiful articles especially for the South African travels…a friend of mine from Germany just emailed asking of MUST visit places in SA as he plans to be here soon…now i just need to send him a link to this blog and I am sorted 🙂 you girls are doing an amazing work!!

    • SuitcasesandLattes

      Thanks so much for the kind words! Always great to meet positive South Africans like yourself. I hope to read about your adventures too & the build up towards the wedding!

  3. Nabeelah Limbada

    this blog is freaking awesome:-) I love the Mother City and love what u are doing! keep it rolling ladies!

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